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Vendors - Cincinnati / Tyrolit

Cincinnati / Tyrolit

 Tyrolit is a leading manufacturer grinding tool, cut-off tool, sawing tools and drilling tools.

Worldwide the Tyrolit Group belongs to the leading suppliers, which offers grinding tools with abrasives in all grit and bond types as well as a comprehensive range of dressing tools. The Tyrolit world brands have not only won an outstanding position in the global marketplace. They are worldwide known brand families and represent the performance potential of over 80,000 different Tyrolit products.

Cimcool® Metalworking Fluids

CIMPERIAL® Soluble Oil Metalworking Fluids

Cimperial products are designed for moderate-to-heavy-duty machining and grinding operations. They exhibit excellent rancidity control, and many also contain extreme pressure lubricant packages for enhanced machining and grinding performance, for those extremely difficult applications.

CIMSTAR® Semi-synthetic Metalworking Fluids

Cimstar products will handle a wide range of applications and plant environments. They are particularly well suited for both indibidual machine and central system applications because of their broad range of operation capabilities. Cimstar products present the user with the benefits of oil content, but have the advantages of synthetic-type fluids.

CIMTECH® Synthetic Metalworking Fluids

Many Cimtech products are transparent and contain chemical lubricants making them ideal for light-to-heavy-duty operations. All Cimtech synthetics are extremely clean products with excellent corrosion control and low misting characteristics.

MILFORM/MILDRAW Stamping and Drawing Fluids

Milform/Mildraw Stamping and Drawing Fluids are tested in our laboratory to simulate the product's field performance. Tests are conducted for corrosion, lubricity and a variety of post-forming operations. The Milform/Mildraw line includes fluids for a wide range of stamping and drawing applications; clean-operating synthetics for light-to-heavy-duty operations; semi-synthetics for heavy-duty applications that can economically replace straight oils; versatile soluble oils which offer excellent corrosion control and can be used on a variety of applications; straight oils for heavy-duty operations; and varnishing oils.

MILPRO Metalworking Oils

Milpro oils increase production and reduce tool and grinding wheel usages due to unique lubrication packages. Many are chlorine-free. Milpro Metalworking Oils offer exceptional corrosion control, will not stain aluminum or 'lower' grades of steel, have pleasent odors and a clear, light-yellow appearance, and have good anti-mist properties.

QUANTALUBE® Metalworking Fluids

Quantalube Metalworking Fluids provide exceptional lubricity to replace straight oils in certain applications and to greatly improve on the performance of water-soluble products and many others. Production Tool & Supply, through our grinding services company Acme Grinding, Inc., assisted in the development and testing of this exceptional product.

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