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Cincinnati / Tyrolit

 Tyrolit is a leading manufacturer grinding tool, cut-off tool, sawing tools and drilling tools.

Worldwide the Tyrolit Group belongs to the leading suppliers, which offers grinding tools with abrasives in all grit and bond types as well as a comprehensive range of dressing tools. The Tyrolit world brands have not only won an outstanding position in the global marketplace. They are worldwide known brand families and represent the performance potential of over 80,000 different Tyrolit products.

Cimform® Grinding Wheels & Segments

Abrasive Cut-Off

Milacron's resin bonded cut-off wheels are designed to saw or cut metal sections such as bar, tubing or pipe. The wheels are also used to trim gates and risers. Ranging in size from 2 to 30 inches in diameter and 1/32 to 1/4-inch thickness, they are available in both hot and cold press bond systems. They also are available with or without reinforcement.

Centerless Grinding

Choose from Milacron's complete line of vitrified and resinoid centerless wheels. For applications from a crucial infeed operation to a high stock removal thrufeed operation, Milacron has the reliable, superior quality, precision wheels that meet the need and perform beyond expectations. Milacron centerless grinding wheel grades include general purpose, precision finishing and ceramic wheels. Centerless lapping wheels are also available.

Centertype Grinding

Angular, plunge, crankshaft, camshaft, roll or universal, Milacron provides centertype grinding wheels for every operation, in the widest range of sizes and grades. Milacron wheels are recognized for precision grinding and maximum performance, for both fast stock removal and ultra smooth finishes. Milacron centertype wheels are used extensively throughout the automotive, aircraft, shipbuilding, engine, turbine, bearing, and metalworking machine industries as well as in general shops and toolrooms.

Creepfeed Grinding

Milacron's extensive line of creep feed bonding system wheels are designed for the rigorous demand of creep feed grinding. They remove stock in one pass, assuring high accuracy, extremely high productivity and superior finish. The wheels are dependable for deep cuts and intricate forms, for burn-free precision finishes to very close tolerances, and on exotic alloys to ordinary tool steels. In-plant tests prove that Milacron's Creep Feed wheels can reduce machine cycle time up to 50% over conventional surface grinding, consistently outperforming the competition. Count on Milacron for the wheels, and fluid and the industry-leading expertise in creep feed grinding.

Disc Grinding

Milacron's broad line of disc grinding wheels delivers unsurpassed wheel-to-wheel consistency. Milacron resin nut-inserted disc wheels for grinding flat pieces are field proven. The abrasive discs are available in a variety of compositions and styles, each assuring optimum grinding performance.

Flute Grinding

Milacron offers a complete line of precision resin products for flute, drill and tap (FTD) grinding. Large wheels for roll grinding and resin segments in all popular shapes are also available.

Internal Grinding

From conventional abrasive to the proprietary Milacron Vitrified CBN® wheel, Milacron has production-proven wheels for all internal applications. Milacron wheels meet the most stringent requirements for size, finish, and production.

Micro-Centric Grinding

Milacron pioneered the development of Micro-Centric grinding and has perfected its use in high production lines where the tolerances are difficult to hold. Today, Milacron continues to introduce new products for new applications and new equipment. Milacron Micro-Centric wheels ensure high stock removal, long wheel life, heightened precision, increased productivity, and lower cost per piece.

Mounted Wheels

Milacron offers 215 standard shapes and sizes in mounted grinding wheels, including center laps and reinforced resinoid points. The wheels are available in a variety of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grains and vitrified resin bonds. Milacron mounted wheels combine accurate grading and tough bonds to ensure long life and high stock removal. They require no dressing and give a consistent, smooth, fast-cutting grinding action.

Portable Snagging (Type 27 & 28)

Milacron's Dominator® Line of Grinding Wheels improves performance and productivity in portable application. Zirconia alumina abrasive and aluminum oxide wheels consistently outperform standard depressed center grinding wheels. Milacron's understanding of portable operations and years of research and bond development have led to these breakthrough wheels. These wheels stay sharper longer, require less pressure to grind, and last four times longer that standard aluminum oxide wheels for less downtime. They are ideal for difficult applications and hard-to-grind materials, such as high nickel and high carbon steel alloys and other exotic alloys. They are also the wheels of choice for weld grinding applications.

Precision Roll Grinding

Milacron Roll Grinding wheels are long lasting, produce a finish to rolling mills specifications, remove the necessary stock quickly and efficiently, reduce dressing, and perform with precision and consistency day after day. Milacron wheels are available in a full range of sizes and in a full spectrum of grades and bonds, in combinations required for your specific applications.


Milacron large diameter snagging wheels are designed for applications that require the fast removal of large amounts of metal. They are engineered for most swing frame or floor stand grinders. Snagging wheels are available in a full range of abrasive grains, including Zirconia, and in a complete range of non-reinforced and reinforced wheels in diameters up to 42 inches.

Super Finishing & Stones

Milacron brings you Fintech Finishing technologies, including CIMFORM® Grinding Wheels and Honing Stones. Due to industry's growing demand for dimensional accurace and surface finish, the application of superfinishing operations continues to increase. Milacron has everything you need for superfinishing excellence, including thrufeed centerless superfinishing wheels, and honing stones of varying abrasives, grit size and bonds to meet a full range of applications.


The grinding wheels of tomorrow are here today — Superabrasives from Milacron. Superabrasive refers to the extaordinary hardness of diamond and CBN abrasives. Milacron leads the way in these advanced technology wheels. Diamond is the hardest material known to man and is three times harder than its conventional abrasive counterpart, silicon carbide. CBN (cubic boron nitride) is second only in hardness to diamond and is twice as hard as its conventional counterpart, aluminum oxide. Super hard and with exceptional wearability, Diamond and CBN wheels reduce grinding time and help eliminate common problems like burn, part-to-part variations, and excessive downtime due to wheel dressing. They also provide amazing cost efficiencies.

Surface Grinding

Count on Milacron for surface grinding wheels, from small toolroom grinders to large production surface grinders, that produce tight tolerances and flatness requirement. Milacron's quality, reliable wheels are designed for surface grinding applications ranging from heavy, rapid stock removal operations to precision grinding jobs. Milacron wheels are also ideal for problem part finishes.

Thread Grinding

Milacron is your source for both resin and vitrified bond systems for thread grinding, whichever you require for the accuracy of the thread required and the operation involved. From a solid blank with BH and B2 bonds to a precut thread with VRW, Milacron provides the thread grinding wheels for your most specific applications.

Toolroom Grinding

Milacron produces a complete line of toolroom wheels, recognized for setting the industry standard for grinding in metalworking applications. For example, Milacron's PB Line of CIMFORM® Grinding Wheels features a sol-gel Performance Blend abrasive that provides high-stock removal capability and cool cutting. This technology breakthrough was developed for severe toolroom applications. The PB line offers excellent results on high-chrome tool steels and has applications for surface, toolroom and production grinding.

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