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Dedicated to reducing your production costs.

Precision tooling technology has improved the quality of modern life in a countless number of ways. Almost every object that affects our lives has in some way been affected by ISCAR's revolutionary approach to design, technology and materials use. ISCAR's New Line of cutting tools such as SELF-GRIP, CUT-GRIP, DO-GRIP and HELIGRIP are providing superior precision metal removal techniques and cost-time efficiencies in production facilities around the world. These innovations have made ISCAR the world leader in tool and insert design and one of the largest precision tool suppliers in the world.


Ball Nose Mills

ISCAR has a wide range of ball nose endmills. Solid carbide cutters are available for the small diameter range and indexable tools beginning at 8mm (.315") and extending up to 50mm (2.0") for standard tools and considerably larger sizes for special, custom made orders. FLEXFIT, the modular system, enables assembling a ball nose endmill to any of a variety of lengths, depending upon the application– an ideal solution for the mold and die industry. Also available are endmills with round inserts for large sculptured surfaces and round corners.

End Mills

ISCAR offers a wide range of endmills using a variety of different types and sizes of inserts. The QUAD2000 square inserts in 6 and 10mm sizes. The HELI2000 inserts in 10 and 15mm inserts, for easy cut, accurate and high surface finish. The MILL2000 inserts in 13 and 20mm sizes, for roughing at high feed milling.

Extended Flute Mills

ISCAR offers a wide range of Extended Flute Mills using a variety of different types and sizes of inserts. Apart from the integral-shank tools and shell mills, a modular system is available. The modular system enables assembling a tool according to your specific requirements and later using the same parts for a different tool. You may replace a damaged segment instead of replacing the whole expensive tool.

Face Mills

ISCAR offers a wide range of face mills using a variety of different types and sizes of inserts. The HELI2000 inserts are available in 10 and 15mm (.394" and .591") sizes for an easy and accurate cut and a high surface finish.The square QUAD2000 series of inserts are available in 10, 12 and 16mm (.394", .472" and .630") sizes. MILL2000 inserts come in 13 and 20mm (.512" and .787") sizes for rough milling at high feed rates. The HELIOCTO uses both octagonal and round inserts in the same pocket. And many cutters are available with 45º and 75º lead angles.

Multi-Master System

Multi-Master is a new family of tools with shanks and unique interchangeable heads for a variety of milling applications, including ball nose, straight shoulder, and slitting applications. Indexing is fast and convenient due to the threaded connection. Since the tool is not removed from the machine, there is no set-up time for head replacement. Multi-Master is a high-tech substitute for HSS and solid carbide milling cutters. Excellent repeatability is now possible and resharpening of tools is no longer needed. Multi-Master milling heads feature advanced pressed geometries with sharp-ground cutting edges. Endmilling heads are available in ISCAR grade IC908 (a sub-micron substrate with PVD TiAlN coating) enabling high speed machining with excellent toughness and wear resistance. Slitting heads are available in very tough grades designated IC328 and IC528. They are designed for precision circular grooves for o-rings and retaining clips, as well as thread milling applications. This Multi-Master system is essential for mold and die production with its long shank options and a high degree of machining efficiency. ISCAR's Multi-Master can reduce your production costs through increased production efficiency.

Slotting & Slitting Cutters

ISCAR's slot milling cutters use inserts with four cutting edges. Suitable for high table feeds, for increased productivity. Available with an arbor or as a disk type. Top or bottom or full slot configuration. Diameter range: 80-250mm (3.150-9.843") Ø on stock sizes, and up to 450mm (17.717") max. Ø on specials. Width range: 8-25mm (.315-.984").

ISCAR's slitting cutters feature a prismatic-wedged clamping system which has changed the industry's standard. Each cutting insert is manually positioned between the flexible jaws of a Self-Grip pocket — no screws or spare parts are required. The combination of a stopper that limits the insertion of the insert and flexible jaws precisely and securely position each insert. Indexing is both easy and fast. A simple lever extractor is used to remove the insert and a plastic hammer aids in indexing. The entire indexing process is possible with out removing the cutter from the machine. This eliminates the need to re-position the cutter, resulting in minimal down-time. Diameter range: 50-350 mm (1.969-13.780") Ø on stock sizes, and 39-1470mm (1.535-57.874") Ø on specials. Width range: 1.4-6mm (.550-.236") on stock sizes, and 1.3-8mm (.051-.315") on specials.

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