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Precision tooling technology has improved the quality of modern life in a countless number of ways. Almost every object that affects our lives has in some way been affected by ISCAR's revolutionary approach to design, technology and materials use. ISCAR's New Line of cutting tools such as SELF-GRIP, CUT-GRIP, DO-GRIP and HELIGRIP are providing superior precision metal removal techniques and cost-time efficiencies in production facilities around the world. These innovations have made ISCAR the world leader in tool and insert design and one of the largest precision tool suppliers in the world.


Face Machining

The unique ISCAR SELF-GRIP clamping system now teamed with the Heliface twisted-insert body makes possible much deeper face machining. The twist of its double-ended body enables the insert to plunge deeper than its length, leaving the side walls untouched by the rear end. Heliface is another versatile, multifunctional line able to plunge and then machine in either direction without downtime.

Chipformers of different types produce easy-flowing, spiral chips in face turning. A full-radius cutting edge is available for face profiling or full-bottom grooving. Heliface inserts are available in uncoated and coated CVD and PVD carbide grades. Holder combinations include blades that fit standard Self-Grip blocks; adaptors and holders for parallel or perpendicular machining; and holders with through-tool coolant flow.

Groove / Turn

These versatile, multifunctional tools for internal and external precision grooving; turning and profiling; deep grooving and cut-off, face grooving; undercutting, and threading can be used to cut in either direction; right or left in a continuous sequence. The tools plunge, turn, recess and profile in one continuing pass with no downtime, reducing the number of tools required and improving turret utilization. Different insert widths may be carried by the same holder. Cut-Grip will reduce inventories, setup time, cycle time, and, therefore, also machining costs. Production Tool & Supply carries a wide selection of single- and double-ended inserts with many different chipformer shapes for many applications and in cutting grades for all workpiece materials.

Parting (Cutoff)

The revolutionary and innovative tool for cut-off, grooving, face grooving, and slotting features the prismatic-wedged F-type clamping system with stopper and the Do-Grip system featuring the new prismatic extended surface. The F-style cutting insert is manually positioned between the flexible jaws of the holder. No screws or spare parts are required. This gives greater precision, strength, and stability in action. The line includes the world's smallest indexable insert having a cut width of 1.0 mm used for parting small diameters and thin-walled tubes. With less waste of workpiece material, it reduces production costs. Toolholder types include integral shank, shanks plus adaptors, blocks plus blades and circular-saw type slotting cutters which may be stacked for ganged machining. Shanks with through-tool coolant provide the Jet Cut advantage by directing coolant closer to the cutting area. The new Do-Grip tooling was developed for cut-off and grooving. The extended prismatic surfaces guarantee reliable full proof clamping, even in unstable machining conditions. The double-ended twisted inserts enable grooving and parting at depths larger than insert lengths. The insert is positioned in the pocket by using an extractor wrench. A variety of insert chipformer shapes suit any workpiece material, apply to different machining speeds and feeds, and optimize chip formation. Carbide cutting grades meet all the demands of industrial workpiece materials.


Iscar offers a full line of partial- and full-profile inserts for external and internal threading to common industry standards: ISO Metric, American UV, Whitworth, British Standard Pipe, National Pipe, and others. The new M-type insert offer many advantages to the users: high profile accuracy, optimal chip control, easy torx screw mounting on most industry threading toolholders and designations is clearly incised on insert surface. Threading inserts are available in uncoated carbide, PVD coated carbide, and cermet cutting materials. Holders for external or internal applications are available with minimum entry diameters of .250. Threading holders carrying the lay-down type of threading inserts can also carry the new CTGA high precision grooving inserts for internal and external machining.

Turning (ISO)

Iscar produces a complete line of turning inserts and toolholders in conformity with the ISO standard for finishing, general [medium], and roughing applications. ISO TURN covers a wide range of insert geometries, newly-developed grades and chipformers, many toolholder styles, and boring bars. Innovations include new chipformer types — the TF, PP, GN, RF/LF, and SF — on double-sided inserts in standard shapes. The new chipformers prevent strain hardening and chipping, reduce cratering, and provide sharp, reliable cutting edges. Turning inserts are available in the widest range of Iscar cutting material options: uncoated carbide, coated CVDs; the new, unbeatable coated PVDs, the new PVD coated cermet for use on steel, heat resistant alloys, titanium, aluminum, and cast iron.

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