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Vermont Tap & Die

A Tradition of High Quality

At Vermont Tap & Die, it has always been their tradition to maintain a high level of quality in the products and services they offer. Recently, Vermont Tap & Die has added over 1,000 new products to it already extensive line of taps, dies, drills and reamers. These products include Silver & Deming drills with flatted shanks and 118º points, aircraft extension drills in 6" and 12" overall lengths, HP-CNC taps for stainless steels and nickel and titanium alloys, and 3/8" reduced shank drills. Production Tool & Supply offers the full line of Vermont Tap & Die products. We also work with our customers to custom engineer and manufacture taps for special requirements.

Vermont Drills

Carbide Tipped

The unique ability of carbide to resist abrasion and to retain hardness and edge sharpness at extremely high temperatures enables Vermont Carbide Tipped Drills to give outstanding performance in drilling abrasive materials such as cast iron, nonferrous metals, hard rubber and plastic. However, these drills are not recommended for use in steel.

Contributing to the superior performance of these drills are the high speed steel bodies on which the carbide is brazed. Due to the high wear and deformation resistant qualities of the hardened and tempered high speed steel, the carbide tips are given the rigid support needed to ensure carbide's optimum performance.

The dimensions of the drills in this series correspond to the dimensions of conventional high speed steel jobber length drills.


Vermont Cobalt Jobber Length Drills are made from premium cobalt high speed steel with heavy duty construction. Due to the heat-resistant characteristics of their premium cobalt steel, these drills are used in drilling hard, tough, high tensile strength materials, such as titanium alloys and chrome-nickel steels, which cause high heat to be generated when cut. Their best heat-resistance and heavy duty design also enable these drills to be used in difficult applications with much higher than ordinary speeds and feeds. Manufactured with 8% heat resistance cobalt high speed steel, these drills maintain their cutting ability at temperatures exceeding 1,000°F. They are furnished with a 135° split point to reduce thrust forces. They are manufactured to NAS907, Type J specifications.

Coolant Feeding

Vermont Coolant-fed Taper Length Twist Drills offer a significant advantage over other types of drills. These drills are designed for both deep and shallow holes in most material. A heavy-duty construction provides extra strength for increased feed rates. Coolant is introduced through the back of the shank. Sizes over 1/2" have threaded holes for a coolant hose fitting. This design allows coolant to get at the drill point during operation, reducing friction and temperatures, and resulting in longer drill life, less downtime, fewer regrinds, and less cost per hole.

The material removal rate can be increased over non coolant-fed drills. Chips are also flushed out of the hole by the pressure of the coolant coming back up the flutes, improving the surface finish of the hole and eliminating the need of periodically withdrawing the drill to clear chips.

These drills are offered in black oxide finish in fractional sizes only.


Vermont Core Drills are used for enlarging holes that have been previously drilled, cored, or punched. These drills are available in both three- and four-flute styles, and either style will enlarge holes as small as 60% of the diameter of the tool. The use of multi-fluted tools such as these provides the advantages of superior finish, increased productivity, and greater accuracy of hole size and location. These drills, however, will not start and drill original holes of their own.

Drills / Countersinks

Vermont Combined Drills and Countersinks are designed to produce accurate centering and countersinking. The quality of the work performed by these tools helps to ensure the accuracy of subsequent operations performed. The spiral flute design of these tools provides accurate centering, easy feeding, and fast chip clearance.

General Purpose

The Vermont general purpose jobber length drills are designed to function in industrial drilling applications involving a wide variety of materials, equipment, and operating conditions.

Available in the full range of fractional, wire, letter, and metric sizes, Vermont general purpose jobber drills are offered in both black oxide surface treated or bright ground finish. Sizes No. 90 through 1/2" diameter are ground from the solid and are manufactured to extremely close tolerances from a premium grade of high speed steel.

Because of the extremely wide range of often uncontrolled conditions under which they are used, toughness or resistance to breakage is perhaps the most important single characteristic to be sought in a general purpose drill. Vermont jobber drills are remarkable in this respect. The particular attention paid to the selection of the premium grade of high speed steel from which the Vermont drills are manufactured and the extreme care in heat treating these drills, using the most modern methods of high speed steel heat treating, result in a drill with maximum toughness and wear resistance — a drill truly suited for the wide range of operating conditions normally encountered in drilling applications.


Vermont Parabolic Fluted Drills are manufactured with a special flute configuration which reduces or eliminates chip packing and therefore permits deep hole drilling in one pass. These drills, manufactured with a 135° split point, efficiently drill work materials up to 250 BHN or 225 Rc.

Spotting / Centering / CNC

Vermont Spotting and Centering Drills are designed to produce true and accurate centers in all types of screw machine work. Due to short flute length and absence of body clearance, these drills may be chucked close to the point for maximum centering accuracy.

Furnished without body clearance, short flute length, and with 90° point, Vermont CNC spotting drills are designed to produce an accurately centered 90° beveled hole no deeper than the point length of the drill. When followed by a regular pointed drill with flatter angle, the outer edges of the drill lips start cutting before the chisel edge securing the drill to the exact hole location and eliminating wandering. These drills perform better at increased speed and feeds.

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