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Vendors - Vermont Tap & Die

Vermont Tap & Die

A Tradition of High Quality

At Vermont Tap & Die, it has always been their tradition to maintain a high level of quality in the products and services they offer. Recently, Vermont Tap & Die has added over 1,000 new products to it already extensive line of taps, dies, drills and reamers. These products include Silver & Deming drills with flatted shanks and 118º points, aircraft extension drills in 6" and 12" overall lengths, HP-CNC taps for stainless steels and nickel and titanium alloys, and 3/8" reduced shank drills. Production Tool & Supply offers the full line of Vermont Tap & Die products. We also work with our customers to custom engineer and manufacture taps for special requirements.

Vermont Taps

Extra Length Taps

Vermont Tap & Die produces, as standard and special, five different types of taps with extra long shanks that permit tapping in deep or obstructed areas. They are extension taps, pulley taps, nut taps, taper taps, and taper pipe taps (extra length). Of these, nut taps, taper taps, and extension taps 7/16” and larger have shank diameters smaller than the minor diameter of the nut being tapped.

Fluteless or Forming Taps

Forming taps generate threads by displacing rather than cutting metal, thereby eliminating or greatly reducing chips. They are especially useful for applications in which chips cannot be tolerated. CNC Forming taps are designed to allow tapping harder and tougher materials than have been successfully tapped with other forming taps.

Pipe Taps

Taps for internal threading of pipe, pipe fittings, or holes in which threaded pipe is to be assembled are pipe taps. The types of pipe taps manufactured by Vermont Tap & Die as standard include: Taper Pipe Taps in regular or interrupted thread; Extra Length Taper Pipe Taps in regular or interrupted thread; and Straight Pipe Taps. Interrupted thread pipe taps are manufactured with alternate teeth removed on adjacent lands (with the exception of the first few threads at the point). Designed for tapping certain tough metals or those which tend to tear or load the cutting teeth, these taps are to be used only when regular full thread taps fail.


How to Order Special Taps:
You will need to know the following information in order to receive the best tap for your application:
  1. Quantity
  2. Type of tap (hand tap, pipe tap, etc.)
  3. Left hand (LH) or Right hand (RH)
  4. Nominal Size and number of threads per inch (TPI)
  5. General Dimensions: overall length (OAL), thread length, shank diameter
  6. Type of length or chamfer
  7. Pitch diameter limits of tap or class of fit required or pitch diameter limits of gage
  8. Threads: form, single or multiple
  9. Number of flutes, in helical state hand of helix
  10. Blind or through hole, depth and bore size
  11. Type and hardness of material to be tapped

Spiral Fluted Taps

These taps are manufactured with spiral flutes for increased chip clearing efficiency in soft materials in which stringy chips are generated. Especially useful in tapping deep or blind holes, and in bridging keyways, these taps are available with regular or high helix flutes.

Spiral Pointed Taps

These taps have a special angular grind at the point which shears chips and drives them ahead of the tap. Advantages are reduced tapping torque and increased speed in through hole tapping.

Straight Fluted Hand Taps

These are general purpose taps used for a wide variety of hand and machine tapping applications. They are available, in most cases, in taper, plug, and bottoming chamfers and in various numbers of flutes.

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